Corporation Choose Me EP

by Jayk Gallagher + Alwayz Prolific

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"The title track says it all," says Jayk, "I want a corporation to own me, put me on a billboard, make me their mascot." Multiple layers of irony couch the message of the EP.

After two releases in which Gallagher made his own instrumentals from indie rock samples, this release features the LA electro-tinged boom-bap of Alwayz Prolific's signature beats. Working collaboratively, they crafted an EP that is both an attack on commercialism, and a celebration of the loss of idealism that comes with living in LA. "Put me on a lunch box cuz I got the fun talks," Jayk laughs, lampooning swag rap as he offers to sell out. "These kids is succeedin', the question that I'm posin' // is would they be where they is if not a corporation chose 'em."

In the second track, "Token Nerd," Gallagher cherishes his studious self-image, challenging reproach as he sips tea with his cats, watching an episode of FOX's Fringe. On "Room Mates" he lasciviously invites his roomie to "pay the rent in pieces", since she looks so good putting away the Cheerios. On "High Holy Kaioti" Jayk prowls the LA scene, "Observin' from the shadowed night, at The Satellite snufflin' // huntin for somethin' that's buzzin that I can tug under." Gallagher keeps his tongue firmly in cheek, making fun of himself and the city simultaneously.

Album features Project Blowed's Rifleman, Swim Team's Alpha MC, and Siobhan.

Album Art by Nora Martin Hall


released May 21, 2012




Jayk Gallagher Los Angeles, California

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